2016 Muraje Sumié (PRE-ARRIVAL ONLY)

2016 Muraje Sumié (PRE-ARRIVAL ONLY)

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Pre-arrival only wine lands June/July and will be $105.

Very limited 3 bottle limit per customer.

Sumié is the local name of the main wooden pole of the pergola-topia structure.

This 100% Nebbiolo from Carema is not labelled as a Carema because it was vinified in Boca in the legendary cellars of La Piane.  Subsequent vintages will be labelled as Carema as Muraje now have a full functional cellar as of 2017 in Carema.

The 2016 is back vintage 90% Nebbiolo (10% from Neyret, Pugnet and Ner d'Ala) grown topia style in Carema.  It's made from a local clone of Nebbiolo known as picotener or picotendro.  This clone is known its elegant fine tannins and is highly aromatic.  

The 2016 Sumié is a knockout wine which has intense minerality, delicate red fruit and searing acidity.  Like most Carema wines the cellaring potential is almost eternal - especially in a vintage like 2016.